Amid the Vast

bird in flight PMD 8 21 17

I was searching
the green, the blue,

the white, the wind
and now, the darkening

sky. I wanted answers,
but found only god’s

open suitcase left behind
in this forest of woven

limbs and shuttle birds.
And there amid the vast,

I leaned into my own
winding path leading

me home . . . someday.


of mists

misty path

for this is everything
a sleeping moon
the dew on
bare feet of
wander on
the never stop
of mists
by the shore
that silence
upon us
I have loved
that it be you

*To be read down, then back up.
*May need a large screen.
*You might find you pause in different places when reading back up, giving new meaning to my down/up poems.