when fresh coffee takes the chill off…

Today, autumn…when fresh coffee takes the chill off like a warm shower, when the few remaining birds quietly wait out the fog, when it’s still until afternoon rain. It’s a day for biscuits and honey, tilapia and greens, angus tips and red wine. Books will come off the shelves in numbers all day today when autumn rests between meals, when the bedding is a blanket that finds its way to the couch, when socks are the only shoes. And should I have forgotten the sound of ocean waves through the inland pines up the hill…autumn.


4 thoughts on “when fresh coffee takes the chill off…

    1. Thank you so much! I want to encourage my readers to go to Temyhoang Diary to read your posts. Temy, you offer amazing and moving poetry. I’m so glad I found you. -Skylar

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      1. Hi Skylar, I’m truly happy that you like my poems. It keeps me going. Really appreciate it!
        Your writing is very relaxing, romantic and soothing. The posts are like sweet treats at the end of a hard-working day 🙂


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