They’re just in love. Everyone’s talking. Jim’s smitten with her. Says he’s never been happier. And Annie says she’s sixteen again. They were engaged for two months and woke the preacher asking, “Can we do this? Get married at 1am?” They were married in fifteen minutes. No frills, just love. Then they drove to the airport and Jim asked Annie, “Where do you want to wake up in the morning?” Turns out it was Austria. Spent a week there. Then traveled to England to catch a ship back to America. I shook my head, too. Middle-aged. Acting like irresponsible kids. But that’s just envy talkin’. Two free spirits. I heard they’re going to Bali for their furniture, but Jim said something funny about that. He said to me, “They say it’s hard to leave Bali.” He had wanderlust in his eyes. They’ve got the money between ’em to travel the world. One of these days, they’ll be gone. Gone.