Most of the time, Gypsy says, “My Mom liked the name!” And then she laughs as punctuation, so people will know she’s okay with it. A lot of the time she’s explaining that she comes from farmers, not gypsies. Though proud, that wears her down sometimes. She’s never met anyone with her name and according to everyone – neither have they. She wants to leave everyone who comes into the library happier for having met her. You know, “make their day brighter.” Her days in the Reference Department pass quickly. Then she’s back home with her partner Seamus for four hours in the evening before he leaves for the night shift at Gribner’s, the potato chip factory across town. Yeah, she’s better educated than Seamus, but she’s loved him since their first conversation when they talked about wanting to see a panda in person someday. Then she was a goner for him. Gypsy doesn’t know Seamus has a separate savings account so someday he can take her to China to go to the zoo. Gypsy just knows she’s lucky.