Jody & George

Jody works in the florist shop in town. Thinks the only flowers for sale should be silk. Wants to open her own silk floral shop called Jody’s Silks. She’s saving for that day, trying to work on her credit rating to get a loan. Attends business classes at night so she’ll look good at First National Bank when she finally applies. Her mom says, “Jody was always drawing flowers in the margins of her textbooks in high school. She got that degree though.” Jody always welcomes any book about flowers. Used to think she’d want to photograph flowers, but arranging them just comes naturally. She took a blue ribbon at the state fair for a silk floral arrangement. Set her back a penny! Her dates never bring flowers except for that George who on their first date brought her silk flowers shipped in from France. Being an expert, Jody didn’t give him a chance to explain. Reaching on her tip toes, she just said, “George! France?! Come here, you!”