Everyone just calls him Notley because he’s famous now. Notley designs small toys for children that walk or run. This past Christmas his toy hit the market and no store could keep it in stock anywhere in the world. Even adults wanted it. He called it Grumbles. It tumbles over and over and he purposely had the gears make a noise like it was complaining. If it runs into something and has to change direction it does so only after saying, “So sorry.” Seems simple enough, but no one had ever thought of it. That’s Notley for ya. He’s been interviewed and everyone wants to know about next Christmas. “What’s the next Notley? Any hints?” He shocks everyone with the news. “First, a baby boy. Due soon,” he says grinning ear to ear. Now everyone wants the first pictures of the baby. It’s after Christmas, and Notley couldn’t be more pleased that he’s been awake every night for a week listening to James Warren Notley, Jr. – grumblingĀ until his father sings a lullaby.