“I’m Your Living Doll”

I’m talking to him from the shower
in a raised voice that isn’t morning
though it’s still very much morning.
We’ve been married two years today.

“Have I ever told you that I love you?”
I call to him. He stopped answering
that question moons ago. He calls to me
asking if he should pick something up

at the market. Turning off the water,
I say, “And you are?” He doesn’t tumble
to that one. There is silence as I dry
off and comb my hair. When I enter the

bedroom, he looks surprised. “I’m Suzie.
I’ll be your waitress.” He’s smiling reading
his phone. Now I’m in my lace bra, half
slip and heels as I walk over to him. He

says, “The Nikkei finished up.” “You talk
so pretty, cowboy,” I say holding his face
and kissing him. He places a Burma ruby
on my ring finger. “I thought you forgot me.”

He says, “And you are?”