The Barn That Pleased Us

After the rafters were in place and
half the roof, I told the foreman to let
them build nests if they found need.
He shook his head when I said,
“You may stop now. We have our barn.”
No greatness dwelled within us, but
we were rich with birds and remained so.


I Have Come to Stay, to Belong

Returning to the long beach
going round until I meet up
with myself on this small island
where everyone knows which
of us is from the mainland, which
from this anchored heaven at sea.

I have come to stay, to belong,
a difficult task at a difficult time
of life. My December, my winter,
my room above the trinkets shop
is all I can afford, and in every
direction – ocean home.


In Puddling Sea

Standing alone in puddling sea
of low tide between the vast
retreat and dry shore, the moon
glistens where barnacles are

close-mouthed and pink bellies
of little crabs are turned skyward
in surrender – unmoving.
I place my feet slowly in each

remaining ocean, small wishes
these as I walk upon all the
morning’s moons before they are
swept out to sea.

The Sun Beyond the Clouds

There is infinite wisdom
for the fools who believe
it can be theirs. And perhaps
that sentence counts me

among the fools in thinking
I can advise. What do we
know that is not a small
part of something small?

So I went in search of
small things early this morning,
thinking the grand impossible.
I have returned – sure I saw

a jack rabbit, sure the pace
of its heart quickened
as did mine. And I have
come away from its infectious

flurry, knowing it was the grass,
the brush, the beginning rain
and the sun beyond the clouds.
I tried to think it small. But could
only count myself a fool.


I am painted self-portraits.
My hair rain-soaked moire taffeta,

my eyes 120 seasons of looking
through chartreuse since you,

my lips full nude, honest with envy
that I am not the one kissing you.

Each drop of rain off the roof is
varying shades of a baby’s room

we shall never see together
because you are hers.

Because she has belonged
to you in her shades of

honey blond falling to her waist,
falling to her knees for you.