“The Only Meal”

I prepare the cranberry apple
pecan stuffing and serve it with
a tender pressure-cooked chicken,
buttered red potatoes and broccoli.
Dessert is my famous carrot cake
with cream cheese icing.

I only mention the food because
he asks for that exact meal every
week. And you better believe I
prepare it for him every Sunday
without fail. The second week, he
made sure that was the meal and

invited his best friend who’s recently
divorced. He told me, “Jim needs a
decent meal. He’s starving.”
The third week, Paul from accounting
was starving. Then Jeremy from his
bowling league was starving.

I got the idea I should open a restaurant
to serve that one meal because so many
men in town were starving! Every Monday,
my guy would ask, “Any more of that meal?
And the carrot cake! Can’t forget the cake!”
So on Mondays, I sent him off to work with

“The Only Meal” as he began to call it. I swear,
no man has ever loved me like that man of
mine loves that meal! And slowly but surely,
every man and his uncle is coming out of the
woodwork to be fed.