The Job Interview/Meeting the Dog

I sat waiting in the foyer.
Standing up, peering in was
a little dog in a sweatshirt
that read College or Bust!

A maid passed me and
opened the beveled glass
door. The dog sat outside
until invited in.

When the maid closed the
door, the dog sat inside
watching her. The maid
looked down and asked,

“Outside?” The dog was
ecstatic, and ran outside
on a mission. The maid
hovered. The little dog
peered through the door.

Maid: Do you want in?
Dog: Only to go back out.
Maid: I’m paid to be game.
Dog: You do a fine job of it.

Me: You two taking this
on the road?
Maid: Only if he doesn’t
get into college.

Me: Where’s he applied?
Maid: Harvard and Yale.
Me: What’s his backup?
Maid (sighing): Princeton.