Gold Leaf Abstract

Gold leaf mishmash, colorfast,
truly bold, not yet sold, nothing
faux, good to go, take a ride,
bonafide, gallery, hardly free,
expensive price, thinking twice,
real nice, took a shot, too hot,
why not?


Decatur Road

Imagine knowing:
Decatur Road once
led to the sea. Imagine
the land stopped reaching
out and the sea stopped
reaching in. That beaches
melted to glass. And all
the king’s horses and all
the king’s men…

*The last sentence is from “Humpty Dumpty”.


In the back of the hardware on cards were
the one hundred shades: eggshell white,
white white, creamy white, ultra white,
cloud white, milky white, glory white,
marble white and even, shocking white.

I was supposed to pick just one white
shade because I had won the church raffle:
three gallons of white paint as if my world
was whipped cream from a can or glue stick
white or cockatoo feathered, as if I wasn’t

va-va-voom red, or look-me-over turquoise,
or fall-in-love-with-me fuchsia, or
come-in-through-the-window purple,
or the-gentleman-takes-a-lady pink, or
tonight-we-couldn’t-stop gold!

Her Name Was Candy

Her dress was lit from within,
maybe a hundred tiny bulbs.
I wondered about rain and
electrocution. And the deep
V-neckline seemed to keep

falling. I don’t know how she
did that. I don’t think she
could have bent forward
without breaking laws. She
was handing out flyers to
men mostly. The ones who

wanted a closer look. The
type that didn’t read flyers
or need an electric range now
with a $50 rebate. The ones
who looked back after walking
away like they couldn’t believe
she left them at the altar.


He would look for her within
city sidewalk crowds each day
as though perhaps he was
the only reason her eyes

were green, her hair auburn,
the year 1998, the season
still in question. Each day
was a small surrender to fate.

He saw her last on a Wednesday
and finally stopped buying
flowers each day on the way
to work because they never

became hers just as he never
became hers. Though in two
hundred years time, they
would marry and keep a farm

far from the city that once
kept them apart, as if they
both remembered his many