Haiku #3

light snow
deer gather in the distance
of memory


The Shadow Garden

The shade weeds loomed,
woven tall around thick air
so pungent green with
vegetables blooming that
when the carrots were
plucked and stripped,
we made a sweet orange
repast – buttered and
mapled and summer’s end.

Instructions for Setting Up My Electric Tree

WARNING: “Electric on your way
to shock, at most death be there.”
I sensed some possible danger. And
it continued, “Nothing hang from
such or rest upon. Dry cloth in the
cleaning. Look at lights not even.”

I had an idea that I was not to look
at my lovely new Christmas tree.
This was a bit of bad news. I suppose
I was most forlorn when I learned,
“Not to liquid with spray or other.”
Well, that took the merry right out
of my Christmas!