Some New Cherish

To have courage and
in some way, to be a
delicate thing, to be

float in any storm,
and dew upon the
ocean, and tonight –

to always be tonight
where I am, and some
new cherish placed

upon the shore
beneath the moon,
placed in a pocket,

so I will glow.


I Listen to Strangers

I listen to strangers about me,
how I have confidence, how I am
lovely, how I would enjoy the
peaches just now.

I so want you to know me like a
stranger heading in my direction,
eyes wide with excitement, arms
overburdened with plums!

In the early mornings when we
pass in the night, I want to tell
you that I know good shoes, that
my skin should never see the sun,

that someone special must love me.

Christmas Lights in the Library in February

Dripping, draping
shapes of soar and swoon,
wood’s shine beneath
one hundred stars tethered
to bookcases or perhaps
they are feathers’ moonlit
gleam. Oddments of shine

fill the room. A little brown
bird peers through the window
at my curious night sky on
the walls as I pull a poem
from the shelves that I have
read far too often, and now,
once again by starlight.