I will teach you what I know.

You think I don’t know.

They are pines. I’ve heard the scratch of scampering squirrels.

There are always stars even in rain.

Starlings are migrating now, in great numbers.

I did not guess at swans. I heard the clicking of cameras on our walk.

The world has gone nowhere except in coming home.

I was only blinded. And your roses on the table are every color.

And you go on…

No one knows of the affair,
the way he makes your heart
feel as his hands create
new rhythms of breaths
through your body.

Your husband does not notice
your jasmine, your lavender.

The affair has gone on a
year, your wanting this man
you see on Mondays. The one
who hands you your beef and

even as he is looking away,
calling, “Next! Who’s next?!”