Falling Noncommittal

apples in snow

I have come home
from forever

into a moment of you
in which the trains are

white falling noncommittal,
and softly we lie in the snow

the paper fruit of another


Photo: wallpaper.mob.org


5 thoughts on “Falling Noncommittal

        1. Thank you! It’s odd you would say that because you’re one of a few poets I’m grateful to have stumbled upon. I only began writing poetry for puremeadowdreaming in January 2016. During that month and before I wrote what I called prose poetry. You’ll see months with only 4 posts in my Archives here. When I began, I thought that my imagination would run dry. So I only posted once a week. My best to you. I have enjoyed our talk. Thank you, again!

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          1. I’m glad you kept on writing and are posting more poetry. Don’t ever worry about your imagination running dry. I think the more we write the more creative we become. (It seems to stimulate the imagination rather than draining it.) And your poetry is so wonderful! Glad we met – I’ve enjoyed our conversation too. 🙂

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