these thoughts of you

mist 50

as if I can go home again

these thoughts of you
only mist, tonight

filling with mist
the sun and I
in surrender




8 thoughts on “these thoughts of you

    1. Thank you for that! I’ve written a different version of “these thoughts of you” for another site of mine called Normally, I would not do that. The other similar version is called “mists froth/plume”. I’ll add that I do the same with your site as you have just suggested doing with mine. I dig deeper into your archives. And I’m always rewarded. Good to hear from you.

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    1. I like your appraisal. I don’t believe I’ve ever posted two versions of the same poem ever before. I believe this will be my first and last time. I look forward to what you have coming out next. Let me ask you, I read in comments somewhere on your site that someone in their comments said they wanted to publish you. Have you ever published your poetry in book form? And do you send it in to journals and/or magazines? And if I may, you should be published.

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  1. (Such feedback truly makes my day; thanks)
    It’s a question that I have tried to answer three or four times before, never too satisfactorily. But I was thinking about this only last week, and here is another answer. In fact let’s make it a point-wise series of answers:
    – There is no denying that reaching out to more people has alway been on my mind, but I am wary of the most obvious ways of going about it (attempting to get it published in recognized, ‘established’ forums, online or print).
    – I do feel strongly that conforming to established poetry forums today significantly compromises on what you have to say. This was not true say thirty or forty years ago. The primary reason is that the ‘bandwidth’ of what can be said today has been severely limited (and this is another long discussion; please feel free to challenge me on this).
    – Now if my livelihood somehow depended upon publishing poetry, I would not have hesitated in trying my best to get it out there. But it doesn’t.
    – There has been a growing realization that what I have been doing for a living for about 18 years now – IT consultant working with statistics in the development sector, as in developing countries, UN, etc. – is severely compromised (again feel free to question me on this as well).
    – So in one sense, posting my poems on such a public forum as WordPress is a form of dissent. In staying free of taint, I feel I am fighting it out with something that needs to be fought (which of course does no good to the validation-seeking part of me).
    – But that doesn’t mean I have given up on outreach. One of the ways I have been toying with for a few years is to bring in my IT part to bear in somehow in making my poems more visible. And that is ongoing.
    – That said, a handful of poets I have interacted with online continues to be a source of joy.

    Thanks again 🙂

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    1. I understand your reasoning. Your points make sense. I appreciate your sharing them. You’ve put it so well, I don’t question your decisions. I’m grateful to have any access to your poetry. It’s because I found you that my self expression has been freed. Your work has given me permission within my poetry to run on air. Thank you. Thank you.

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