She’s Tomorrow’s Tomorrow

clocks pixabay 50

It’s 11:45pm and
she’s tomorrow’s day after
and last week in 2000
and two seconds from…
that just happened.




5 thoughts on “She’s Tomorrow’s Tomorrow

    1. Thanks so much! I’m voting for your essay!!! You make it so easy to do!!! I’m pulling for you!!! Congratulations on making the top 20. Though knowing your writing this doesn’t surprise me!!! Be well.

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        1. Well, we have to make sure you win! If I were you I would send out a reminder every day to followers with the voting link. Maybe twice a day since we can vote twice a day. All my best!!!

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          1. I felt guilty enough about linking it the first time! I don’t want to spam you guys. But thank you so much for continuing to support me. I value you and your help!! 🙂

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