When She Is Song

painting blue gold 50

Call her
‘lavender jade’
when she is song,
she will speak
blue gold alive
if you wish it,
and she asks
for you.


Photo: pinterest.com


The Hours Between


the hours between
rising and
the falling breath
a journey to rose
a sandpiper’s tango
the to and fro
O poet, you –
gone seconds
across the room
in your other season

*To be read down then back up.
*You may want to pause in different places when reading back up.
*It will make sense the way the poet intended if viewed on a larger screen than a watch or even an iTouch or phone.

Painting: Tina O’Brien

Amid the Vast

bird in flight PMD 8 21 17

I was searching
the green, the blue,

the white, the wind
and now, the darkening

sky. I wanted answers,
but found only god’s

open suitcase left behind
in this forest of woven

limbs and shuttle birds.
And there amid the vast,

I leaned into my own
winding path leading

me home . . . someday.

Photo: mostbeautifullworld.blogspot.com