upon an afternoon

melon honeydew 3 slices

the melon, its sweet –

a touch to have – to seize
the fresh, the eager ripe

to spoon, to drape
the evening comes
none other than you


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For those of you missing loved ones…

I buy things I don’t need because
I need you. A fountain pen, spicy
mustard, a forestry magazine.
I walked into the tobacco store

at the mall, smelled the smoked
cheeses at Ogelvie’s, wore three
different colognes home, but you
didn’t appear. It’s raining, pouring

milk over rice cereal, I’m missing
you. I fell in love with you next
Tuesday when it snowed. And
you let me cut into the line because

“a cookbook is urgent…” like a
second soldering iron, a heavy bag
of peat and saffron.

50-Cent Cola

I need a paint store
next to the bait & tackle,

a 5 & dime to lean against
with my 50-cent cola

that’s so cold from the
machine the bottle hurts

my hands in any season,
I need to find you so

you can find me – anywhere
it’s slow in bare feet, where

any book – any page is safe
and about us, where the

cashier gives us a penny
so we don’t get 99 cents

change, I need a diner
booth, a bowling alley &

peanut butter – ready to
go – no stirring, no fridge.