Magenta Folded Five Times

I’ve heard magenta folded
five times and placed
under the pillow,

but for the little guy,
we’ll make it yellow
and he’ll be better soon.


To Believe

To travel – sleep.
To love – dream.
To begin – look around you.
To live – give.
To laugh – suffer.
To understand – climb mountains.
To believe – become a child.

the blue of knowing…

Because the fields held me, because the scent of long cool grasses never left my clothes, because I knew of a tree that would lean against my back when I was at my weakest, I went that day. There were two shades of blue in the late afternoon – the blue of sky and the blue of knowing. One nurtured until the other could find its way. When you told me you had seen too much, when you said you had lived too long, when your god agreed with you, I couldn’t find rest. But beneath the tree amid weaving buttercups, the wind cried your name for hours, and loss eased. As I stood to walk home, my path was lit by stars floating within night fields. And my sleep that evening became a child’s whose only blue was sky.

offering the sky admittance…

A mind of mists. As I watch, you strive to work your way through, struggling with misguided judgment and, at times, enraptured by youth long gone. I feel your mind fall away on the phone as I am speaking. And having left before you’ve gone, you are here and not. You taught me that we do the best we can, knowing what we know in that moment. There is an old red door lying out on the lawn offering the sky admittance. And a mind, towns away, trying so – not to be empty.