versions of roses

fresh bright blooming peonies flowers with dew drops on petals

by the way, garlic butter,
and versions of roses,
versions of lives in love,
a pot of Chai and cream,
sugar if you have it,
and love as bloom

we never tire of,
and by the way,
blue moons and
moon rivers
and love again,
and by the way, love







rosette cake pink

You baked and frosted
a birthday cake alone
your first time

for me.

Your heart was stopped
for 15 minutes during
surgery on a valve

for us.

You rose to every

You delicate rose.



We Kept Separate Rooms

A gift of ocean, first autumn chill,
hazelnut coffee and cheese danish.
Along a crag, it touches me still
how we kept separate rooms,
how you stayed in mine, and that
we could have been something had
you not married her years before.

We promised we would not return. But
here I sit. Room 309. A view and a gift
of these roses waiting in this room
each year sending love to me that
has never been mine.